Thursday, September 11, 2008

What Wheat Gluten Allergy Vegans Need to Know

If you have any of the major food allergies or sensitivities, you are already well aware of the sometimes difficult choices that you are faced with when selecting products for your meals. For those who are wheat gluten allergy vegans, the choices can be harder. One of the biggest problems to handle is how to remain true to your choice of vegan living and still incorporate that with even more restrictive dietary changes. You will need a vigilant eye when you are shopping for things to eat or cook and your best chances to find the proper items will be when you go to a health food store. Some oriental groceries will also carry products that you can use. As you plan your meals pay careful attention to getting the appropriate amount of nutrition that will keep you healthy.

You have a variety of products that can be incorporated in your diet for at home use. You can still have your pastas, baked goods and tortilla wraps. You only have to be certain that they are made from rice or corn. Some potato and soya flours can also be used with great success. Learning to utilize these products in your daily recipes can be a little tricky at first, because the cooking time and techniques may be a little different. It may take some experimentation but it can be done. One thing in your favor is that the fruits and vegetables you love are still available for you on any of the wheat gluten allergy vegans' diets.

Eating out can be challenging but enjoyable if you choose from among some of the more ethnic restaurants such as Thai, Japanese, Indian and Mexican. You will be able to find vegetable dishes, corn tortillas, brown rice and vegetables at establishments like these. You will still have to avoid most of the breads and sauces at these places, but you will have plenty of other items from which to choose.

By Andrew Maule

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