Thursday, September 11, 2008

Do You Take Allergy Shots to Prevent an Allergic Reaction?

Some allergies can be really persistent, some even to the fact that they don't respond to medications. Some allergies bring along side effects that can be caused by the allergy itself, or by the medication to cure. These side effects can be avoided if you choose to take allergy shots ahead of the allergic reaction. An allergy shot works much like a vaccination in boosting your body's immune system, and aid it in fighting the allergic reaction before it even occurs.Write Articles And Earn Money

Allergy shots however is rarely a single shot like vaccines usually are, allergy shots are a series of shots given according to a specific schedule. The reason for this, is to "teach" the body about the allergen, and assist the immune system to develop the fighting power to stop the allergic reaction in its tracks. Most allergy shots start out as a weekly or bi-weekly injection, only to end up being a monthly occurrence to keep it working in the future.

If you suffer from one of the most common allergies which is hay-fever, also called allergic rhinitis chances are your doctor will be able to prescribe a series of allergy shots for you, in order to make your daily life during pollen season a whole lot easier. Also allergy induced asthma and several indoor related allergens such as mold or dust allergens or even pet allergens can and is being treated this way.

Allergy shots are also known as immunotherapy, relating to it boosting your immune system in order to make it fight the allergic reactions from within.

People who react allergically to bees and wasps could be in big danger and in need of carrying around with them an Epi Pen to counter a possible anaphylactic reaction caused by a bee sting. Allergy shots can be made effective for this kind of allergic reactions too, and completely eliminate the need for an Epi Pen for those suffering from this allergy.

By Janno G. C. Damgaard

10 Steps to Making Your Home Asthma-Safe

We get a lot of calls from individuals who have Allergies and Asthma.The biggest percentage of them have Asthma. The sad part is they are having problems even after the so called experts gave them advice on the telephone without seeing their homes. Some of them even paid for this advice or bought products to get the advice. Remember books are not the answer, visual inspection experience works.

Inspection of an Asthmatics home is crucial in solving their problems. I cannot tell how many times I have done an Environmental Inspection of an Asthmatics home and found the problem that was bothering them for years in the first 15 minutes. I am not kidding you, these problems are blatant and right in front of you. I guess you want me to tell you my secrets now. I'll get to it soon, but you will have to visit our website to see the pictures to understand what I am talking about.

Tips for Controlling Asthma:

1. No Pets of any type indoors. Snakes are OK, but I would not want one in my house. My children had fish and turtles. Any kind of an animal that has fur or feathers will shed dander in the home. If you must have an animal, keep them outside.

2. No Smoking for members of the Asthmatics' household indoors. The Asthmatic must stay away from individuals that smoke because the residue in the clothing and hair will affect them. Best Policy, No Smoking.

3. Change the air in the home once a week to remove any buildup of residual chemicals in the air. Example: air your house out for 15 minutes to allow fresh air into the home. Second option: Install a dehumidifying ERV unit with HEPA Filter System to pull fresh air into the home. Be sure to consult with your Doctor before doing these tips to get his or her OK.

4. Use high quality HEPA rated air cleaners. No ozone. I have a lot of clients who react to ozone, even low levels like some of the manufacturers advertise. Remember, ozone is an oxidizer it does not belong in your lungs. During the visit to some of my clients, all I had to do is shut off their ozone source and their symptoms go away. That's one of my secrets.

5.Wash your linens once a week. This is only a good housekeeping tip here, you do not want to sleep on dirty sheets do you! My mother always told us to change the sheets once a week or if they get soiled. By doing this, you will help keep dust mites under control. It is also a good idea to get a high quality mattresses cover and pillows with dust-proof covers.

6. Air Conditioning is a great idea but, the problem here is that most people do not maintain them properly. While the A/C is removing the humidity from your home it is also making mold and algae in the coils and drain pan. It is important to keep after this problem before it gets out of hand. Use a minimum of a MERV 8 rated pleated filter to help keep the dirt levels down in the unit. Have it serviced every 6 months by a reliable company that will do what they say they will do. Be wary of service contracts guarantee unless they state exactly what they will do each month in writing. Air Conditioning can be a serious problem for individuals with Asthma if they are not kept clean.

7. Avoid spraying pesticides in your home. The bugs are in the walls and outside. Baiting is the only option here. Individuals with Asthma can react to pesticides. I have one client who ends up in the Emergency Room any time she is exposed to pesticides.

8. Keep your home clean. No dust and no food out of the Kitchen Area or Dining Area. This will encourage bugs to come to the crumbs on the floor. The thing to remember is that a lot of Asthmatics are allergic to the feces of dust mites and roaches. By limiting the eating area of your house, you can clean it up easier and keep it clean. Bugs do not like a clean house. They will pack up and move on to your neighbors house for better dining facilities. Be sure to store all foods in air tight containers.

9. Another common problem is other members of the family. Individuals with Asthma frequently have problems with hair spray, perfumes or other personal care products. If you must use hair spray, go outside and use it there to minimize exposure to the Asthmatic family member. It is important to avoid spraying around a family member with asthma.

10. Laundry: use unscented laundry detergent. Frequently, individuals with asthma will react to scented products. That is a tall order but imagine how tough it is on the one with Asthma having to deal with all these types of problems 24 hours a day without relief.

In conclusion, individuals with Asthma have a lot to deal with. Have sympathy and compassion for them. Remember, what you give out will tend to come back to you at a later date. Asthma is just a much a disability as other types of disabilities. Understanding them and their disability is the key to helping them. Breathing is important, not being able to breathe is life threatening and emotionally

Now we are at the end, I promised to tell you one of my secrets, well here it is. Recessed lighting is one of the biggest problems for individuals with Allergies and Asthma. They allow air to migrate into the air stream of the house every time the A/C comes on. This is a positive and negative pressure problem. Final word of advice, no recessed lighting unless it is the new type with a double wall fire rated receptacle.

By Art Emiss

What Wheat Gluten Allergy Vegans Need to Know

If you have any of the major food allergies or sensitivities, you are already well aware of the sometimes difficult choices that you are faced with when selecting products for your meals. For those who are wheat gluten allergy vegans, the choices can be harder. One of the biggest problems to handle is how to remain true to your choice of vegan living and still incorporate that with even more restrictive dietary changes. You will need a vigilant eye when you are shopping for things to eat or cook and your best chances to find the proper items will be when you go to a health food store. Some oriental groceries will also carry products that you can use. As you plan your meals pay careful attention to getting the appropriate amount of nutrition that will keep you healthy.

You have a variety of products that can be incorporated in your diet for at home use. You can still have your pastas, baked goods and tortilla wraps. You only have to be certain that they are made from rice or corn. Some potato and soya flours can also be used with great success. Learning to utilize these products in your daily recipes can be a little tricky at first, because the cooking time and techniques may be a little different. It may take some experimentation but it can be done. One thing in your favor is that the fruits and vegetables you love are still available for you on any of the wheat gluten allergy vegans' diets.

Eating out can be challenging but enjoyable if you choose from among some of the more ethnic restaurants such as Thai, Japanese, Indian and Mexican. You will be able to find vegetable dishes, corn tortillas, brown rice and vegetables at establishments like these. You will still have to avoid most of the breads and sauces at these places, but you will have plenty of other items from which to choose.

By Andrew Maule

Baby Eczema - 3 Things to Help You Prevent Food Allergies in Your Baby That Has Eczema

These food ideas will help you to protect your baby from becoming sick with food allergies that affect eczema.

When weaning your baby, it may be a good idea to test him for food allergies at the same time. To do this, you would introduce a new food and then wait for at least 4 days to see if there is a reaction before you introduce a new food. On the fifth day if there is no reaction, you can then introduce a new food.

This would be a good method of introducing your baby to food. It would involve less trial and error and much less distress to your baby from eczema.

Food recommendations

You will want to be careful to follow infant dietary guidelines in relation to when you can add certain foods to his diet. Whenever you are dealing with a baby, you will want to wait at least he is six months old before giving him any solid food.


Be aware of this particular fact. It may be helpful when you are considering the type of your child's eczema. What you need to know is that in only 30% of children with eczema, the eczema is caused by a food allergy.

Of all the cases of eczema in children and adults food is only a factor 10% of the time. This means that once you take care to avoid these basic food items, you should be alright.

Keep in mind, that this list of foods to avoid is not exhausted. The foods talked about here are only the major threats to your young baby that has eczema.

Omega-3 acids will help

While there are many things that you will want to avoid, there are also some that you would want to include. One of these is omega-3 acids. Omega-3 acids can be found in fish oils. If your baby has eczema, it would be good for him to have cod liver oil.

If he receives the oils in liquid form when he is young he would learn to easily tolerate drinking this thick liquid that other children would become nauseated when drinking.

What the omega-3 acids will do is make sure that his skin cells do not become dehydrated.

Before you just go giving him fish oils, talk to the health care providers that are looking after you and your child, and let them know that this is what you have in mind to do.

By Broyde McDonald

Is it Possible to Outgrow Nut Allergies?

Generally, people that are affected by nut allergies, got their first symptoms when they are very young. Very often, that's our parents who have noticed the fact that each time we eat nuts or this family or products, we are having difficult time.

It's really a good sign if our parents are reacting to such a situation, because what appears to be a insignificant reaction first, could in reality, become a more critical allergy in the future, requiring heavier treatments for life.

These allergic reactions are often very trying and that's why most children ask themselves if they are ever going to outgrow it.

Even if it has been noticed in a few cases, a possibility to outgrow nut allergies, we have to admit that it is an exceptional thing. In fact, scientists have observed that only 20% of the more severe cases of people having allergic reaction to nuts, are ever going to outgrow it.

Even if this is the case, individuals still need to be vigilant each time they are in contact with this category of aliment: you may already have heard about severe reaction appearing by surprise because of nuts traces hidden in the food (often with ice creams, for instance). Remember to always read the labels carefully!

Unfortunately, it's impossible to know if an allergic reaction will reappear one day, (probably in circumstances which you may not prepared for), that's why it's imperative that you always get your antihistamine with you or your epinephrine auto-injector in case of a more severe reaction. Concerning the epinephrine, even if it may save your life, it's a very strong medicine which could not be used without a doctor prescription.

Remember that you must always be cautious with nut allergy because it is one of the more severe food ones and you must not fool around with it.

By Jean-Yves Pasquet