Thursday, September 11, 2008

Is it Possible to Outgrow Nut Allergies?

Generally, people that are affected by nut allergies, got their first symptoms when they are very young. Very often, that's our parents who have noticed the fact that each time we eat nuts or this family or products, we are having difficult time.

It's really a good sign if our parents are reacting to such a situation, because what appears to be a insignificant reaction first, could in reality, become a more critical allergy in the future, requiring heavier treatments for life.

These allergic reactions are often very trying and that's why most children ask themselves if they are ever going to outgrow it.

Even if it has been noticed in a few cases, a possibility to outgrow nut allergies, we have to admit that it is an exceptional thing. In fact, scientists have observed that only 20% of the more severe cases of people having allergic reaction to nuts, are ever going to outgrow it.

Even if this is the case, individuals still need to be vigilant each time they are in contact with this category of aliment: you may already have heard about severe reaction appearing by surprise because of nuts traces hidden in the food (often with ice creams, for instance). Remember to always read the labels carefully!

Unfortunately, it's impossible to know if an allergic reaction will reappear one day, (probably in circumstances which you may not prepared for), that's why it's imperative that you always get your antihistamine with you or your epinephrine auto-injector in case of a more severe reaction. Concerning the epinephrine, even if it may save your life, it's a very strong medicine which could not be used without a doctor prescription.

Remember that you must always be cautious with nut allergy because it is one of the more severe food ones and you must not fool around with it.

By Jean-Yves Pasquet

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